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Born on November 29th 1988, Ashley Mae Sebera is an American professional wrestler, fitness competitor, model, and a bodybuilder currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment. Ashley competes in the WWE NXT developmental system, under the ring name of Dana Brooke. Making her official WWE NXT debut in April of 2015, Dana has wasted no time making a name for herself. In addition to her in-ring training, she earned her way into the Fitness International competition at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival, a first for an NXT Diva. Dana Brooke has arrived, and playtime is over! Read more...
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2015 Arnold Classic Brazil
The 3rd annual Arnold Classic Brazil took place on Saturday May 30th in Rio de Janiero. Ashley Sebera competed, and placed 7th in the competition. Ashley was invited back to the Arnold Classic 2015 in Spain this Fall, but announced she would not be going, on NXT.
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 NXT Takeover: London, England

Asuka defeats Emma (with Dana Brooke)
The historic broadcast began with women’s action, as the rivalry between Asuka and Emma reached its boiling point. Dana’s meddling led to her being ejected from ringside, and Emma tried to capitalize by grabbing the belt that belonged to Dana and going after Asuka, but she ran straight into a spinning kick that knocked Emma out cold and earned Asuka the victory.
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Gallery: Candids › World Wrestling Entertainment › NXT Wrestling › Meet and Greets › NXT Orlando – 8/7/15

Meet and Greet with Dana Brooke, Tye Dillinger, and Tyler Breeze.

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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos › Monday Night RAW › 2015 › August 3rd
Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Monday Night RAW › 2015 › August 3rd

Tonight’s show begins with the graphic for the passing of Roddy Piper. All of the wrestlers are on the stage wearing Hot Rod shirts. Dana Brooke is up front with Emma, and Becky Lynch, along with the rest of the Divas. We have a ten bell salute. We see a chair with Roddy Piper’s name on it with a kilt hanging from the chair. We see a video package for Roddy with some of his classic moments.

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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos › WWE NXT › 2015 › July 29th
Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › WWE NXT › 2015 › July 29th

We are back with a video package for the Charlotte and Dana Brooke match. We get Dana’s comments about Charlotte. She says Charlotte asks her about the training and then Charlotte is in TapOut. Charlotte says that Dana is jealous.

Devin Taylor is with Dana Brooke and Emma. Devin starts to ask Dana about her match against Charlotte tonight and Dana says this is the night that Charlotte has been dreading because she has been running from her. Dana says she remembers when Charlotte attacked her from behind. Then she left Charlotte lying flat in the center of the ring. No one thinks she can beat Charlotte but no one thought she could take on the fitness world. Charlotte is lucky she is on Raw because tonight she is going to be serving an eviction notice that the Divas division is being taken over by the Total Diva. Dana says she won’t pat Devin the head like she always does because tonight is too important, but she comes back and pats her on the head.

Dana Brooke (with Emma) vs Charlotte

Charlotte lets out a woo before getting face to face with Dana. They exchange some words and Charlotte pushes Dana and connects with a boot to the head. Charlotte with a series of knees to the head. Emma gets on the apron to distract Charlotte and Dana hits Charlotte from behind. Charlotte with a shoulder in the corner but Dana moves when Charlotte goes for a shoulder in the corner and Charlotte hits the ring post. Dana gets a near fall after some forearms and punches.

Dana with a body scissors but Charlotte turns around and sends Dana into the mat. Charlotte picks up Dana but Dana is able to counter and gets a near fall with a lateral press. Dana chokes Charlotte in the ropes and the referee warns her. Dana catapults Charlotte into the bottom rope and she gets a near fall. Dana gets a near fall.

Dana with more near falls and a bow and arrow. Charlotte kicks Dana in the head and gets a near fall. Dana misses a clothesline and Charlotte with a chop. Charlotte with a neck breaker and spear. Emma gets on the apron and Charlotte knocks Emma off the apron and then Charlotte hits Natural Selection for the three count.

Winner: Charlotte

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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos › WWE NXT › 2015 › June 22nd
Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › WWE NXT › 2015 › July 22nd

Dana and Emma are seen backstage with Devin Taylor as Devin tells Emma that Bayley said that she will do more than just hug her the next time she sees her. Emma says that is a little creepy, and also that maybe she has a problem because she broke her hand. Is she not taking her seriously? Maybe she should break her spirit. Dana asks Emma if she would like a hug as they then both hug. As both Emma and Dana walk away, Dana rushes back to pat Devin’s head before walking away again with a smirk formed on her face.

Emma with (Dana Brooke) vs Bayley

Dana Brooke comes out with Emma to accompany Emma at ringside as she cheers for Emma. Dana shouts out “Come on Emma!” as Emma walks up to Bayley to smack her injured hand a few times with Bayley’s bracelet to get Bayley heated. Bayley quickly snatches the bracelet from Emma’s hand and tries to hit her with it, but before she could, Dana gets on the apron and shouts out to the referee that Bayley’s trying to cheat. After Dana distracts Bayley by accusing her, Emma hits Bayley from behind. Emma slams Bayley’s head into the mat and then takes her to the turnbuckles to hit Bayley’s head against it. Bayley fights off the shots into the turnbuckles and she Bayleys up. Bayley sends Emma into the turnbuckles and hits a bulldog and pins Emma, but Emma kicks out at two. Emma heads to the floor to escape from Bayley, however, Bayley grabs her by the hair. Emma slams Bayley’s injured hand into the ring post. Emma attacks Bayley’s head with punches and then she wraps Bayley’s injured arm in the ropes. Emma then slams the hand into the turnbuckles harshly. Emma with a snap mare using the hair and with an arm bar and then she bends Bayley’s injured hand back.

Emma continues with the wrist lock while pulling Bayley’s fingers apart. Emma gets a near fall. Emma steps hard on the injured hand and Bayley tries to punch back but doesn’t have enough strength due to Emma being in control in the ring. Emma with a straitjacket choke but Bayley with an arm drag and double sledges. Bayley with an Irish whip and shoulder in the corner, and then with a double jump elbow into the corner and again Bayley with a corkscrew back elbow from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Each woman goes for a clothesline and both are down at the same time. Dana tries to attack Bayley by pulling onto her injured arm, but the referee sees it and he sends Dana to the back. Bayley with a rollup but Emma rolls through and gets a near fall. Bayley with a belly-to-belly suplex and gets the three count.

Winner: Bayley

After the match, Bayley says that she felt amazing, and also that it is great to be back to an ovation like. She tells the crowd that she is here to be the next NXT Women’s Champion. To do that, she has to beat the very very best. She wants a match against Charlotte.

Dasha is with Charlotte and she asks her about Bayley’s challenge. Charlotte says what has been happening on Raw is more than a revolution, it is a statement. We have been given a chance to do on Raw what we have done on NXT for years. If Bayley wants to challenge her, she is deserving of it. Charlotte says that she would love to be able to take the NXT Championship to Raw.

Dana Brooke enters the interview area and she says that Charlotte would know about chances. You were invited to Raw, but you will probably fail at that chance. Dana says that she has never been given the chances that Charlotte has been given. Dana wonders if the people boo her because she does not have a famous last name. She is here to make a statement and that starts by beating her.

Charlotte tells Dana that she can have her chance and Bayley can wait a week. She tells Dana that she will regret this. Charlotte walks off, but Dana takes a moment, about to pat Dasha on the head, but storms off.

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Gallery: Candids › World Wrestling Entertainment › NXT Wrestling › Meet and Greets › NXT Largo – 7/9/15

Meet and Greet with Baron Corbin, Dana Brooke, and Bayley.

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Gallery: Candids › World Wrestling Entertainment › NXT Wrestling › TV Tapings › July 16th

Find out what the “Total Diva”, Dana Brooke, is up to on WWE NXT in the upcoming weeks, by clicking below!

Show »

July 22nd:
Bayley def. Emma w/ Dana Brooke. Bayley cut a promo after the match and said she needs to beat the best woman in NXT before she can be Women’s Champion – Charlotte.

July 29th:
Charlotte def. Dana Brooke.

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Gallery: Candids › World Wrestling Entertainment › NXT Wrestling › Meet and Greets › NXT Largo – 7/9/15

Meet and Greet with Tyler Breeze, Dana Brooke, and Mojo Rawley.

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In recent weeks, the NXT Universe has played witness to an attitude adjustment. No, not the maneuver made famous by the WWE United States Champion John Cena, but rather a change in attitude from WWE Diva Emma. Once known as awkward yet loveable, Emma has undergone a personality transformation in NXT. From targeting Bayley’s gullibility to teaming up with newcomer Dana Brooke, Emma’s self-serving ways have rubbed many folks the wrong way. This week, WWE.com sits down with the Australian-born Diva to get her take on her newly formed career outlook and aspirations for tomorrow. During the interview, Emma mentions her alliance with NXT newcomer, Dana Brooke. Want to read more? Read the rest of this entry

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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos › WWE NXT › 2015 › July 8th
Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › WWE NXT › 2015 › July 8th

Before our opening match starts, Dana Brooke gets on the mic and she wants to know who Sasha has chosen as her tag team partner. She says that you say you are the boss of NXT? She says it looks like they were right. You could not find a partner. She says they are so right because it is just you.

Sasha takes the mic and she says that you are right that she could not find a partner, she is not afraid of either of you so she will take both of you on. Before the referee starts the match, Charlotte’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring. Charlotte tells Sasha she will be her partner, but she owes her one.

Dana Brooke and Emma vs Charlotte and Sasha Banks

Sasha kicks Dana and sends her into the turnbuckles and she chokes Dana. Charlotte tags in and Sasha with a snap mare and they both kick Dana. Charlotte with a snap mare and she hits a Flair knee drop. Emma is tagged in by Dana. Charlotte with a rollup for a near fall. Charlotte with a snap mare and knee drop and she goes for a second one but Emma has rolled to the floor. Charlotte chases Emma in and out of the ring. Dana kicks Charlotte in the head and Dana slams Charlotte’s head into the mat.

Dana with forearms to the back and she tags Emma back in. Emma kicks Charlotte in the corner and Dana tags back in. Dana kicks Charlotte and tags Emma back in. Emma with more kicks to Charlotte. Emma with a snap mare using the hair and she applies a body scissors. Emma slaps Charlotte in the head as Charlotte tries to escape the hold.

Charlotte gets out of the hold and Emma punches and kicks Charlotte. Dana tags back in and Dana with shoulders in the corner. Dana gets Charlotte on her shoulders and slams Charlotte to the mat. Dana with a bow and arrow but Charlotte escapes and gets a near fall.

Sasha tags in and she clotheslines Dana and knocks Emma off the apron. Sasha with a Thesz Press and Dana goes to the corner and Sasha with knees into the corner and she hits it a second time and gets a near fall. Emma is sent to the floor after she breaks up the cover. Dana gets Sasha on her shoulders and Sasha escapes and hits the lungblower into Bank Statement while Charlotte puts Emma into a figure four and she bridges as Dana taps out.

Winner(s): Charlotte and Sasha Banks

After the match, Charlotte and Sasha shake hands and hug. Charlotte takes the mic and she says that a deal is a deal. She wants an NXT title shot next week.. like you promised. Sasha takes the mic and she asks Charlotte if that is what she wants, it’s on.

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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos › WWE NXT › 2015 › July 1st
Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › WWE NXT › 2015 › July 1st

Emma (with Dana Brooke) vs Carmella

Dana Brooke is standing ringside for Emma’s match. Throughout the match, Emma and Carmella trade momentum back and forth. Dana claps and supports ringside, also taunting the crowd. In the final moments of the match, Emma in the corner, and is shoulder blocked deeper into the corner by her opponent Carmella.

Carmella guides Emma out of the corner and slams her onto the canvas, sitting out also. Back onto her feet, Carmella does her signature “Staten Island Shuffle” taunt before charging back at Emma, who sweeps her onto her face. Emma drags her into the middle, and locks in her finishing “Emma Lock”, Carmella tapping out.

Winner: Emma (with Dana Brooke)

Later in the broadcast, Emma and Dana Brooke are seen standing near Sasha’s title which is hung up on the locker. Devin Taylor walks in, asking them what they’re doing, as she’s suppose to be interviewing Sasha Banks. Dana shuts her up with her signature pats on the head. Sasha walks in, asking what Emma and Dana are doing in her locker room, taking her title and placing it on her shoulder. Emma says her and Dana are just hanging out, and thinking about trying on her title. Dana says her and Emma are taking over the NXT division, and now they’re after Sasha Banks, and the championship.

Sasha says she’s the boss of the division, and runs the place, also saying that she’ll take them both on. Dana asks Emma if Sasha’s statement sounds like a challenge, Emma saying it does. Emma mentions that their’s two of them, and just Sasha, saying that she might need a partner. Dana says that nobody is going to be her partner, because she’s been such a little b- Sasha quickly cutting her off, saying that she will find a partner, before walking away. Emma and Dana snicker, Emma saying this will be fun as the two make fun of Sasha.

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