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 Who is Dana Brooke?
Born on November 29th 1988, Ashley Mae Sebera is an American professional wrestler, fitness competitor, model, and a bodybuilder currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment. Ashley competes in the WWE NXT developmental system, under the ring name of Dana Brooke. Making her official WWE NXT debut in April of 2015, Dana has wasted no time making a name for herself. In addition to her in-ring training, she earned her way into the Fitness International competition at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival, a first for an NXT Diva. Dana Brooke has arrived, and playtime is over! Read more...
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2015 Arnold Classic Brazil
The 3rd annual Arnold Classic Brazil took place on Saturday May 30th in Rio de Janiero. Ashley Sebera competed, and placed 7th in the competition. Ashley was invited back to the Arnold Classic 2015 in Spain this Fall, but announced she would not be going, on NXT.
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 NXT Takeover: London, England

Asuka defeats Emma (with Dana Brooke)
The historic broadcast began with women’s action, as the rivalry between Asuka and Emma reached its boiling point. Dana’s meddling led to her being ejected from ringside, and Emma tried to capitalize by grabbing the belt that belonged to Dana and going after Asuka, but she ran straight into a spinning kick that knocked Emma out cold and earned Asuka the victory.
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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Outtake
Gallery: Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Best of the bloopers: WWE Tough Enough – August 19th, 2015

Sure, Tough Enough is all about the fierce competition, but that doesn’t mean the coaches can’t laugh at themselves. Check out this blooper reel to watch the silliest outtakes involving Lita, Booker T and Billy Gunn. Click here to watch the video!

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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Miscellaneous › Tough Enough: S06E09 – Finding The Finishers
Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › Tough Enough: S06E09 – Finding The Finishers

We are at the NXT arena at Full Sail and Booker says it takes discipline. He mentions you eat, drink, and live the business 24/7. Lita tells them that they will be helping to set up the ring for the next show. We see the contestants putting the ring together. After the ring is set up, Lita tells everyone they get to choose their finisher. Billy mentions that this is where the pizzaz comes from. Billy mentions the Pedigree and F-5 as examples.

Sara mentions how important finishers are. Billy tells Sara that she said the coaches are never happy with what she does. Sara tries to explain herself. Billy asks Sara how is she doing. Sara says she is doing better. Billy asks what is it she is doing better. Sara says that Booker was rough on her. Lita tells Sara that the WWE Universe supported her so it is time to bring it. Billy asks Sara if she thought about a finisher. Sara says she is not sure. Lita has a suggestion and asks Sara who is the most over women’s athlete. Lita suggests an arm bar since it is something Ronda Rousey does. We see Lita doing it in the ring on Dana Brooke and then Sara does it and she is having trouble with the side Russian leg sweep to set up the arm bar. Lita likes it and Sara says she hopes to do it to Amanda. Dana watches on the side as Jason helps contestant Tanner and Josh with their finishers.

It is time for Amanda to do her finisher and she says she wants to stand out and be flashy. Booker says it is what you do before and after. Lita mentions that Amanda is ahead of Sara in terms of in ring work. Booker points out that Sara’s advantage is with the WWE Universe. Amanda does a bulldog off the turnbuckles with Dana Brooke’s help, like Trish Stratus has performed many times. Billy and Booker tell Amanda to do more before and after doing the bulldog. Dana watches as ZZ is helped with his finisher, Jason stepping back in.

Lita tells them to study and work hard to make it. It’s mentioned by the coaches that the next time they meet, only four will be remaining. Billy Gunn thanks Dana Brooke and Jason Jordan for helping them out.

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