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 Who is Dana Brooke?
Born on November 29th 1988, Ashley Mae Sebera is an American professional wrestler, fitness competitor, model, and a bodybuilder currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment. Ashley competes in the WWE NXT developmental system, under the ring name of Dana Brooke. Making her official WWE NXT debut in April of 2015, Dana has wasted no time making a name for herself. In addition to her in-ring training, she earned her way into the Fitness International competition at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival, a first for an NXT Diva. Dana Brooke has arrived, and playtime is over! Read more...
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2015 Arnold Classic Brazil
The 3rd annual Arnold Classic Brazil took place on Saturday May 30th in Rio de Janiero. Ashley Sebera competed, and placed 7th in the competition. Ashley was invited back to the Arnold Classic 2015 in Spain this Fall, but announced she would not be going, on NXT.
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 NXT Takeover: London, England

Asuka defeats Emma (with Dana Brooke)
The historic broadcast began with women’s action, as the rivalry between Asuka and Emma reached its boiling point. Dana’s meddling led to her being ejected from ringside, and Emma tried to capitalize by grabbing the belt that belonged to Dana and going after Asuka, but she ran straight into a spinning kick that knocked Emma out cold and earned Asuka the victory.
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I had met her at United Force of Ohio, a gymnastics and cheerleading facility, one Saturday evening and was soooooo AMAZED by her condition. I thought to myself this is what I WANT TO DO! I contacted Mike Davies who was known for training fitness Pro’s and started a plan in mid-February of 2012. I had looked around and around for local fitness shows, very limited number that I was soooo very disappointed in. I had found one April 28th, the Kentucky derby which was Brent Jones show. It was my goal just to go out there and shine and to perform and give it my all!! I got my “girly Barbie” theme music together, and said to myself, there is no turning back now!!! I spent HOURS and HOURS in the gymnastics facility putting a routine together while weight training, cardio’s and maintaining a full time job. I was getting more and more nervous as the time went on but as soon as the Arnold Classic came and I was able to experience Fitness finals I FELL IN LOVE and was confident that I CAN DO THIS!

April 28th came out of nowhere and it was GAME TIME! I stepped on stage as ready as I could be with Amanda right by my side telling me I can do this and this is what its all about! She told me, “Perform like your Brittney Spears and this is your audience!” And I sure did!! I never had more fun than that moment! I shined and performed the best I could! I received feedback from Sandy, owner of Beverly nutrition and took the awesome feedback, and landed a 1st Place fitness there in Kentucky!!

That lead me to May 5th show in Pittsburgh, where there was fitness pro’s there as well! I knew when I saw them that I WILL NOT STOP until I BECOME A PRO! It was in my mindset that that’s ALL I WANTED and there was no stopping me! I told Mike that show, I WAS NOT STOPPING UNTIL I LANDED THAT PRO CARD! I then competed placing 3rd place at my second fitness show which was super excited to be among an amazing group of athletes!

As time went on, I received feed back from many judges and made all the changes they recommended. Changed my routine constantly, brought my body in tighter and tighter! Traveled to ALL the fitness shows that had fitness in them and was not stopping until I landed that pro-card! Literally Blood, Sweat, and Tears is what I put into this! It was my LIFE, my RELATIONSHIP, my LOVE!! I was determined and no one was getting in my way or stopping me!! It was my drive and passion. I remember one summer night with my parents on the back swing outside overlooking the golf course and they said, “ Ash, what does fitness mean for you and what do you want out of this?” I thought to myself and said, “ Its my PASSION, I want to inspire others as these PRO’S inspire me and I will land this PRO CARD and climb my way back up to the top!” Yes I will be a little fish in a big pond but I hope to make that SPLASH and inspire these other fitness ladies as I was inspired!

Charleston South Carolina was my First jr USA show, I placed 6th and was not giving up there. It only motivated me keep pushing forward. I went home changed my ENTIRE ROUTINE, MUSIC AND ALL with 1 week to perfect it! Stepped out on Julie Palmer’s Stage to perform it and landed a 1st place fitness and crossed over into figure with a 2nd place. The following week, traveled to Chicago and placed 3rd in the Jr. Nationals. Very Excited but was not satisfied without that PRO CARD! Everyone in my family, my friends, and others told me “Ash, just wait until next season; just practice new skills and take a small break!” NOOOO WAY was I having that!!! I ignored that and went to the NEXT!! Team universe, NEXT STOP! I said this is MY SHOW! I had to prove everyone that I PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH! With Mike on my side, he knew I could do this! I stepped out on stage and BAM felt AWESOME! This was my Britney Spears Concert and I will WIN THE SHOW! I could not sleep that night with the Anticipation and so Nervous! The Next Day finals were here!! Top 5 was called and then down to the wire!!! And I was called Second which landed me that PRO CARD and literally NEVER have I EVER felt more Accomplished in ANYTHING in my LIFE!!! I hope everyone reading this can be inspired and know anything is POSSIBLE as long as you have the MINDSET, SKILL, DETERMINATION, AND PASSION to do what you LOVE!!! Now the NEXT CHAPTER is left unwritten but will Start MAY 31st when I step on that PRO STAGE! MY DREAM came TRUE!

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