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 Who is Dana Brooke?
Born on November 29th 1988, Ashley Mae Sebera is an American professional wrestler, fitness competitor, model, and a bodybuilder currently signed to World Wrestling Entertainment. Ashley competes in the WWE NXT developmental system, under the ring name of Dana Brooke. Making her official WWE NXT debut in April of 2015, Dana has wasted no time making a name for herself. In addition to her in-ring training, she earned her way into the Fitness International competition at the 2015 Arnold Sports Festival, a first for an NXT Diva. Dana Brooke has arrived, and playtime is over! Read more...
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2015 Arnold Classic Brazil
The 3rd annual Arnold Classic Brazil took place on Saturday May 30th in Rio de Janiero. Ashley Sebera competed, and placed 7th in the competition. Ashley was invited back to the Arnold Classic 2015 in Spain this Fall, but announced she would not be going, on NXT.
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 NXT Takeover: London, England

Asuka defeats Emma (with Dana Brooke)
The historic broadcast began with women’s action, as the rivalry between Asuka and Emma reached its boiling point. Dana’s meddling led to her being ejected from ringside, and Emma tried to capitalize by grabbing the belt that belonged to Dana and going after Asuka, but she ran straight into a spinning kick that knocked Emma out cold and earned Asuka the victory.
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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos › WWE NXT › 2015 › September 30th
Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › WWE NXT › 2015 › September 30th

William Regal is in the office with Dana Brooke and Emma. William says that he has an announcement to make. While he was introducing Asuka to the NXT Universe, Dana and Emma interrupted the ceremony.
William tells Dana that she has wanted to be taken seriously in NXT. What better way than to have Dana compete against Asuka at NXT Takeover.Dana asks if that is supposed to scare her. Did you see how Asuka ran out of their ring. She says that Asuka looked like a hyena with her smile.William tells Dana to take a look at Asuka and they show footage of Asuka and Dana is no longer smiling, or showing emotion, or breathing at a normal pace. Emma is not really excited either. William asks if they have anything more to say.Emma wishes Dana good luck with that and she leaves the office.

Dana Brooke and Emma vs Billie Kay and Peyton Royce
Dana and Peyton start things off and Peyton with a rollup for a near fall. Peyton with a crucifix for a near fall. Peyton with a La Magistral for a near fall. Dana escapes a slam attempt and Billie tags in and Peyton with a back heel kick and Billie with a round kick for a near fall. Dana kicks Billie away and Emma tags in. Billie with a head scissors and delayed vertical suplex for a near fall.

Billie punches Dana and Emma sends Billie to the mat. Emma slams Billie’s head into the mat and Dana wants to tag in. Dana with kicks to Billie in the corner and Emma tags back in and she kicks Billie. Dana tags in and they pull Billie out of the corner and Dana gets a near fall.

Dana gets another near fall. Dana with a body scissors but Billie lays back to get a near fall. Dana slams Billie’s head into the turnbuckles and Emma tags in and she kicks Billie in the midsection. Emma chokes Billie in the ropes. Emma gets a near fall. Emma kicks Billie’s hand to keep her from making the tag. Emma with a body scissors.

Billie with a forearm and she gets out of the hold. Peyton tries to make the tag but Emma pulls Billie away from her corner. Emma with a punch and she gets a near fall. Emma slaps Billie a few times but Billie punches back. Billie with forearms and an Irish whip. Billie with a forearm to Emma and an elbow to Dana in the corner.

Billie with a kick to Emma and both women are down. Dana and Peyton tag in and Peyton with a jumping side kick followed by a drop kick. Peyton with a running spin kick into the corner followed by a back heel kick. Peyton misses a kick from the turnbuckles and Dana gets a near fall. Dana gets another near fall. Dana with a reverse chin lock and a forearm to the back. Peyton with a drop kick and she gets a near fall. Emma breaks up the cover and Emma sends Billie to the floor. Peyton sends Emma to the floor. Emma trips Peyton on an O’Connor Roll attempt and Dana with Cradle Shock for the three count.

Winner: Dana Brooke and Emma

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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos › WWE NXT › 2015 › September 23rd
Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › WWE NXT › 2015 › September 23rd

Highlights from the last NXT road trip are shown, Dana Brooke being in them.

William Regal is in the ring with a contract signing table. He says that he is extremely proud to introduce the newest signing to NXT. This person is the hottest free agent in the world and probably the greatest talent acquisition. William Regal brings out Kana. As Kana comes out, the tron changes to Asuka, her new name in NXT. William asks Asuka if she has anything to say before signing her contract. Asuka says that she is happy to be here in NXT. She says it is a dream come true. She says she wants to be the NXT Women’s Champion. Asuka signs the contract. William starts to say something to Asuka but he is interrupted by Dana Brooke’s music and Dana and Emma make their way to the ring.

William says that it is incredibly rude of them to be out here. Emma takes the mic and she says hello to Asuka or whatever your name is. She introduces herself and Dana. She says they are NXT’s welcoming committee so they welcome Asuka. They came out tonight to let her know if she is going to survive in this women’s locker room, they are in charge. Dana says they are the one who ran Charlotte and Becky right out of NXT. If you don’t play nice, things for you will be over before your career has even started. You have to get out of their ring because playtime is over. She tells Asuka to be gone. Emma tells Asuka she can leave now.

Asuka starts to walk out of the ring but she only goes to the apron. Emma points to the ramp, Dana supporting Emma. The crowd begins chanting. Asuka leaves the ring sad and goes up the ramp. Asuka gets to the top of the ramp and then she turns around and she smiles at Emma and Dana before walking away.

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Gallery: Candids › World Wrestling Entertainment › NXT Wrestling › TV Tapings › September 10th

Find out what the “Total Diva”, Dana Brooke, is up to on WWE NXT in the upcoming weeks, by clicking below!

Show »

September 23rd, 2015:
NXT General Manager William Regal has a desk set up in the ring to introduce Kana. Her new name is Asuka. Emma and Dana Brooke come down to berate her and say they are the ones who run NXT. Asuka leaves sadly.

September 30th, 2015:
Dana Brooke and Emma defeated Peyton Royce and Billie Kay when Dana hit her finisher.

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Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › WWE NXT › 2015 › September 16th

Devin Taylor is with Dana Brooke and Emma. Emma tells Devin to be quiet. Emma says the champ is back and new people are here. Dana says that they decided to shake things up, so they are going to show the newbies who really are in charge. Dana says play time is over. Dana pats Devin on the head and Emma says it never gets old as they then walk away. Dana then comes back and pats her on the head again.

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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos › WWE NXT › 2015 › September 9th
Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › WWE NXT › 2015 › September 9th

Dana Brooke is seen backstage with Devin Taylor, she then says that she doesn’t like that people think she’s taking the short road to the top. She declined an invitation to the Spain Arnold Classic to be there, and she says play time is over. After walking away, she then comes back over to Devin and pats her head then says that she still got it before storming off again.

Dana Brooke vs Billie Kay

After tying up, Brooke pushed Kay into the corner. Brooke slaps Kay in the chest before backing up. Kay charges Brooke, but Brooke hides between the ropes. Kay traps Brooke into the corner and locks in a side headlock. Brooke tosses Kay into the ropes and Kay hits a head scissor take down. Brooke responds with a take down and a bit of ground and pound. Brooke traps Kay into the corner and chokes Kay with her foot while upside down (yes, you read the correctly). Brooke gets the pin fall after her modified Michinoku driver.

Winner: Dana Brooke

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Gallery: Screen Captures › Television Programs › Total Divas – Clash of The Divas (S04E09)

Paige’s wild-child temper is landing her in one incident after another: First, she crashes a motorcycle and narrowly evades injury and, when she’s asked to help fine-tune Cameron’s in-ring skills at the WWE Performance Center, she ends up in a full-on fight with the former Funkadactyl. The NXT Divas look awkwardly at the fight. When Paige is cut from a show, she thinks it’s the result of a punishment, and that earns her another reprimand from none other than Road Dogg. So, spurred on by various scoldings, advice from the veteran Divas and the tough love of the D-O-Double G himself, The Diva of Tomorrow resolves to grow up just ever so slightly.

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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Miscellaneous › NXT VIP Experience in Brooklyn

Before NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn, Dana Brooke, Colin Cassady, Carmella and Enzo Amore met with members of the WWE Universe as part of the NXT VIP Experience! Fans got up close and personal with the Superstars of Tomorrow, leaving with pictures and autographs.

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Gallery: World Wrestling Entertainment › Digital Photos › WWE NXT › 2015 › August 26th
Gallery: Screen Captures › World Wrestling Entertainment › WWE NXT › 2015 › August 26th

Dana Brooke is with Emma and she says that playtime is over. Devin enters and she mentions what was said earlier by Charlotte and Becky. Dana says that two of the best are in the match tonight. Emma says that looking dominant and being dominant are two separate things. She says that Becky will become the biggest joke in WWE. Dana taps Devin on the top of the head as we go to commercial. We take a look at a video feature on Dana Brooke when the commercial break is back.

Dana Brooke vs Emma vs Becky Lynch vs Charlotte

Becky and Charlotte force Emma and Dana into the center of the ring and Dana bumps into Emma. Charlotte sends Dana to the floor and Emma is sent to the floor by Becky. Becky and Charlotte lock up and Becky with a side head lock. Becky kicks Emma back to the floor and Becky and Charlotte with a double drop kick to Dana.

Becky and Charlotte with a Greco Roman knuckle lock and Becky with an arm drag into an arm bar. Becky with a hammer lock and she bridges. Charlotte with a snap mare and figure four head lock and she rolls Becky around the ring. Charlotte and Becky kip up while Dana finally remembers that she is part of the match and Emma does too. Dana goes after Becky while Emma goes after Charlotte. Charlotte is back dropped to the floor by Emma and Dana. Emma and Dana kick and punch Charlotte on the floor.

Dana and Emma send Charlotte into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Dana kicks Becky in the corner and Emma with a snap mare using the hair followed by a kick to the back. Dana kicks Becky and Emma sends Becky face first into the mat. Dana with a forearm to the back and she slams Becky to the mat. Dana and Emma set for a double suplex but they kick Charlotte off the apron. Emma and Dana slam Becky’s head into the mat.

Dana and Emma with a double suplex to Becky. Charlotte grabs Dana but Emma kicks Charlotte to the floor. Dana kicks Charlotte in the ribs on the floor. Emma with a butterfly suplex for a near fall and Dana breaks up the cover. Emma has a not so happy look on her face as they argue. Emma pushes Dana and Becky with a rollup on Emma.

Dana punches Becky and then Dana and Emma have some words, but they high five so everything is okay. Dana tries to kick Emma but Emma blocks it. Dana with an enzuigiri and she poses. Charlotte gets back in the ring and Charlotte with chops. Charlotte with a neck breaker and a boot to Emma. Charlotte with a double DDT to Emma and Dana.

Charlotte gets a near fall on Emma and then one on Dana. She gets another one on Emma and then on Dana. Becky goes up top and she hits a missile drop kick on Charlotte when Emma and Dana move. Becky with clotheslines and then she drop kicks Dana and hits a pump handle suplex on Emma.

Becky Irish whips Dana and hits the double jump side kick on Charlotte and Dana. Becky with an exploder on Dana and Emma breaks up the cover. Emma sends Becky into the corner and she hits cross bodies on Charlotte and Becky and gets the three count.

Winner: Emma

After the match, Charlotte hits a spear on Emma followed by Natural Selection and then she covers Emma, the crowd counting to three. Charlotte taunts, posing over Emma’s body.

Dana attacks Charlotte from behind and begins to send rapid kicks into CharlotteCharlotte. Becky with an exploder on Dana. Charlotte puts Dana in the figure four and bridges while Becky puts Emma in the DisArmHer. Charlotte’s theme hits, and she drops a final knee on Dana. Becky and Charlotte walk up the ramp as Emma lays outside the ring, Dana yelling on the ramp, glaring at the two women as the pose victorious.

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STAMFORD, Conn. — WWE announced today that, for the first time in history, NXT will embark on a seven-city tour of the United Kingdom from Thursday, Dec. 10, through Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2015.

NXT’s tour of the United Kingdom will include the following locations:

Dec. 10: Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle
Dec. 11: SSE Hydro in Glasgow
Dec. 12: Sheffield Arena in Sheffield
Dec. 13: Empress Ballroom in Blackpool
Dec. 14: Capital FM Arena in Nottingham
Dec. 15: MotorPoint Arena in Cardfiff
Dec. 16: SSE Arena in London

“Coming off NXT’s biggest event in history, NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, we are thrilled to announce our first international tour,” said Paul Levesque, WWE Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative. “The tour marks a major milestone in the continued expansion of the NXT brand.”

NXT’s tour of the United Kingdom will feature appearances by NXT Champion Finn Bálor, Samoa Joe, Bayley, Tyler Breeze, Dana Brooke, Emma and more.*

“On behalf of all the NXT Superstars and Divas, we are extremely excited at the opportunity to perform for the WWE Universe in the U.K.,” said Bálor. “I look forward to the opportunity to return to where I started my career, giving fans new memories that they will never forget.”

Tickets for the NXT tour of the United Kingdom will go on sale this Friday, Aug. 28 at 9 a.m. GMT through Ticketmaster.co.uk or Ticketmaster Charge By Phone by calling 0844 844 0444. Customers outside the U.K. can call +44 161 385 3211.

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Gallery: Candids › World Wrestling Entertainment › NXT Wrestling › TV Tapings › August 22nd (NXT Takeover: Brooklyn)

Find out what the “Total Diva”, Dana Brooke, is up to on WWE NXT in the upcoming weeks, by clicking below!

Show »

August 26th:
Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Dana Brooke vs Emma

Emma and Dana Brooke turn on each other in the match and Dana hits an enziguri on her. Emma ends up getting the win when she pins Lynch. Post match saw Charlotte spear Emma, and then she and Lynch got their submission holds on Emma and Dana.

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